On the Issues

An Economy that Works

Too many Floridians have fallen through the gaps and been ignored by Tallahassee. We must address the kitchen table economic issues that affect families instead of the special interests.

  • Lower utility bills and protect consumers from fraud
  • Keep property insurance rates low
  • Assist small businesses hurt during the pandemic
  • Get healthcare costs under control

Education and Opportunities

Our children are our future, and Florida’s education system isn’t working to create enough opportunities. We must improve our schools to help students succeed.

  • Increase teacher pay to attract top talent
  • Reform education standards for the 21st Century
  • Expand Pre-K education opportunities
  • Reduce the cost of higher education

Environmental Protection

Miami-Dade County is ground zero for the climate crisis. We must work to reverse the effects of climate change and protect our community from negative impacts.

  • Invest in sustainable infrastructure to protect from sea level rise
  • Implement green standards for heavy polluters
  • Protect our natural resources, waterways, and coastal areas
  • Accelerate our transition to renewable energy

Stand Against Hate

Bigotry and hatred have no place in our state. We must work to protect those who are targeted and address the policies that unfairly impact specific communities.

  • Pass the Equality Act to protect against workplace discrimination
  • Work against the scourge of antisemitism and racism
  • Protect reproductive rights
  • Expand voting rights and ensure all Floridians can use their voices

Affordable Housing

Housing costs are out of control, and we need to ensure that individuals and families aren’t forced out of Miami-Dade County.

  • Ensure the Sadowski Fund is actually used for affordable housing
  • Help residents convert septic tanks to sewers
  • Get high-cost development under control

Protecting Women's Rights

As the father of a young daughter, Adam Benna knows we need to fight back and defend women’s rights.

  • Stop radical extremists from banning abortion
  • Repeal Florida’s 15-week abortion ban
  • Expand access to women’s healthcare
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